Get Your Baby Moving: Fun and Safe Crawling Toys for 6-12 Months

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As a caring parent, you understand how crucial it is to support your baby’s physical development during their early months. Crawling is a significant milestone that contributes to building your baby’s strength and coordination, but it can be challenging to encourage them to move around.

Fortunately, crawling toys are an excellent solution to this dilemma. These toys are designed to encourage your little one to move and explore fun, safely, and stimulatingly.

In this comprehensive review, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the top crawling toys available on the market, allowing you to choose the ideal one for your baby to aid their journey towards this crucial developmental milestone while keeping them entertained and engaged.


This interactive toy pooch is perfect for kids starting to move around, whether crawling or taking their first steps.

Interactive toys can be your most important helper to promote tummy time, crawling, and movement of babies.

7 Reasons To Buy The Roccoss Touch-Go Tummy Time Toy

  1. This small toy can imitate many movements of a pet dog. It can move its head up, down, left, and right. Its ears and tail are mobile. It can walk at medium speed thanks to its wheels in the hidden compartment. Moreover, when walking, even his feet move like a real dog!
  2. If the baby makes contact with the head of the toy, the canine will shift its head, whereas if the infant contacts the tail, the puppy will wag its tail. Therefore, this may facilitate the toddler’s development of hand-eye coordination.
  3. This toy can produce barking sounds, play melodies, sing, and communicate verbally. As a result, your infant will remain engaged with the toy for a prolonged period. Moreover, the toy’s musical functionality will aid in developing several cognitive abilities, mainly listening and attention, in your toddler.
  4. The intelligent canine has vividly colored eyes that alter hues as it emits sounds such as singing, barking, and speaking. This captivating feature maintains your toddler’s focus, prompting them to trail after the toy by crawling or creeping.
  5. The toy’s intelligence is noteworthy, as it can detect obstacles and subsequently change its direction of motion. Upon encountering a block, the toy can reverse and move in the opposite direction.
  6. This intelligent toy also includes an interactive “feed me” characteristic that many mothers find appealing. To reactivate the toy, the infant must touch and pat its head while providing it with a toy bone. This feature is an excellent motivator for babies, encouraging them to engage with the toy and develop their cognitive abilities.
  7. It is of ideal size. You can easily carry it with you.


Product Dimensions

9.65 x 7.08 x 4.72 inches


ABS Plastic, Teeth Bite Silicone

Manufacturer recommended age6 months and up

Item Weight

1.15 pounds


  • BPA-free and non-toxic
  • It has full safety certification.
  • It's small enough for little ones to carry and big enough to grab their attention.
  • Babies cannot use it in a passive state. This smart puppy has a "feed me" feature. Babies need to touch, pet, or give it a bone to get it working again.
  • It can move almost all of its parts. Head, ears, tail, feet… Also, the color of their eyes is constantly changing. These features attract babies' attention and can keep them busy.


  • The eyes of this colorful and musical dog sometimes turn red. If your baby fears a color, the dog's eyes, which sometimes glow red, may frighten him. But I'm sure the dog's fun music will turn your baby's possible fear into fun.

Walkers come to every parent’s aid so babies can crawl, walk, and develop balance and muscle control. Babies who use Walkers become more courageous in crawling and walking. Because walkers have 360-degree rotating wheels, They motivate babies to go further with their comfortable seats and their attractive little toys.

So interactive walkers encourage babies to follow their parents on the go.

7 Reasons To Buy The Storkcraft Imagination 3-in-1 Activity Center

  1. The wheels and seat can rotate 360 degrees, so babies can learn to turn around quickly on their own. Thanks to the maneuverability of the walker, they can change direction more agilely without expending too much effort.

  2. The top of the walker resembles a ship’s helm and has five extra toy pieces. These toys will encourage your baby to go to the walker. Additionally, these toys can be easily removed and cleaned.

  3. The Storkcraft Interactive Walker has a portable and comfortable jumper. You can integrate this safe jumper into the walker in just a few seconds, allowing your baby to have fun and develop leg muscles.

  4. The Storkcraft 3-in-1 Interactive Walker has a rocking feature that can help develop your baby’s motor skills. It also extends the time your baby spends in the walker for months, preventing boredom.

  5. The Storkcraft Imagination 3-in-1 Activity Center has three different height adjustments. You can adjust the height of the walker as your baby grows.

  6. The walker has musical toys that can help your baby get used to it faster.

  7. The seat of the walker is made of high-quality and sturdy fabric, which can be easily removed and washed.


Product Dimensions

26 x 25 x 17 inches

Maximum weight recommendation

25 pounds

Style‎Activity Center

Item Weight

10.6 pounds



  • Baby loves it easy walking following mommy!
  • It has three different height settings. As your baby grows, you can easily use the height adjustment.
  • It has a portable seat. You can easily take it off and wash it.
  • The fabric on the seat is of good quality and durable.


  • The walker requires 4 AA batteries to operate the musical keys, but the batteries are not included with the product.
  • The volume of the music is not adjustable.
  • If your carpet at home is too thick, your baby may have trouble pushing this interactive toy.

This play tent and tunnel set sounds excellent for kids who love to play and explore.

The tool-free assembly and lightweight design, along with the included carry bag, make it easy to take on the go for playdates, parties, and trips to the park. And with its vibrant colors and fun design, it makes an excellent gift for boys and girls of all ages. Overall, this set looks fun and engaging to encourage physical play and stimulate children’s imaginations.

4 Reasons To Buy The Utex 3 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent

  1. The durable polyester material will withstand lots of wear and tear, while the mesh windows and peepholes provide plenty of opportunities for imaginative play.
  2. The tool-free assembly and lightweight design, along with the included carry bag, make it easy to take on the go for playdates, parties, and trips to the park. 
  3. This fun playhouse with tent and tunnel function can develop your baby’s sense of direction and also helps the development of arm and leg muscles.
  4. You can easily move the UTEX playhouse to another room or outside. 


Product Dimensions

119 x 31 x 34 inches

Assembly Required


Material190T Polyester

Item Weight

3 pounds


  • It has both tent and tunnel functions. It also has a giant ball pit. If you fill this area with colorful balls, your baby will be eager to crawl from one end of the tunnel to reach the ball pit.
  • The ease of setup and take down is an advantage, especially for parents who are always on the go.
  • Made from a tear-resistant polyester.
  • Using the tent indoors and outdoors makes it a versatile play option for kids, and it can be easily stored in the carry bag when not in use.


  • Children from 4-5 years old can quickly get bored of this playhouse. But it can be an excellent choice for toddlers.
  • If you take the UTEX playhouse outside in windy weather, you may need to secure the tent somewhere to prevent it from flying off.
  • The product includes a ball pit, but the balls are not included in the purchase and must be bought separately.

This baby musical mat is a fun and educational toy for kids. Children can play and explore music in various ways with 25 built-in music sounds, including melodies, animal sounds, and music keys. The floor piano design encourages hands-on play and allows children to express themselves through music.

This type of play can help develop important skills like memory, confidence, and creativity, making it an excellent choice for early education. The musical mat also serves as a soft, comfortable play area for kids, and the design is safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean. Whether playing at home or on the go, this musical mat is sure to provide hours of entertainment and learning for baby girls and boys, toddlers, and beyond.

4 Reasons To Buy Playmat

  1. With two modes of play and 25 built-in sounds, including melodies, animal sounds, and music keys, children can enjoy hours of imaginative play and musical exploration. 
  2. The soft, anti-slip material and non-toxic design make it safe and easy to clean so that parents can feel confident about their child’s playtime. 
  3. The compact size and foldable design make it easy to take with you on the go, making it an excellent choice for family trips. 
  4. For the Joyjoz music mat to work, babies need to touch the right places on the mat. With this feature, it can help babies to crawl and develop hand and eye coordination.


Product Dimensions

39.4 x 14.2 x 0.15 inches



Manufacturer recommended age3 months and up

Item Weight

13.1 ounces


  • Cute installed tunes, realistic animal sounds, and flashcards add to toddlers' interactive and fun experiences.
  • The volume control option is also a great feature for parents, allowing them to adjust the volume comfortably.
  • 7 Animal Sounds: Dog, frog, duck, cattle, sheep, horse, chicken.
  • 9 Tones: Choose different tones to add more fun when your kids play.
  • This piano mat comes with 13 instrument cards that help your baby better understand the musical instrument.


  • The surface of this mat can be a little slippery. Therefore, laying it on a non-slip floor or carpet may be better.
  • Requires 3 AA batteries to operate. But batteries do not come with it.

The Laugh & Learn 3-in-1 On-the-Go Camper is a versatile and educational toy for young children. It encourages their development as they grow from sitting up to walking, pushing along, pretending, and using their imagination.

With multiple activities and features, including a multi-color lantern, rattle coffee maker, interactive compass and map, fishing pole, campfire, and Smart Stages technology, there is plenty of fun and learning to be had with this camper.

5 Reasons To Buy The Fisher-Price Activity Center

  1. With three Smart Stages learning levels and over 100 songs, sounds, and phrases, this walker helps to teach colors, counting, shapes, and the alphabet.
  2. The interactive compass and map provide additional entertainment with fun songs and phrases.
  3. The walker comes with various pieces, such as play food, a fishing pole, and fish shapes, to keep babies engaged and entertained while they sit and play.
  4. This musical walker is suitable for children ages 9-36 months, making it an excellent option for various stages in a child’s development.
  5. This toy features Smart Stages technology, allowing you to switch up the learning content as your child grows and develops. There are 3 levels: Level 1 (Explore) for little ones who are just starting, Level 2 (Encourage) for kids who are becoming more confident, and Level 3 (Pretend) for kids who are ready for more advanced play.


Product Dimensions

13.58 x 19.84 x 20.79 inches


3 AA batteries required


Item Weight

9.24 pounds


  • The portable walker is easy to install and designed to be ideally sized for babies aged 9-36 months, making it a suitable option for parents seeking a versatile baby walker.
  • The camper comes with 15+ removable play pieces, including play food, a fishing pole, fish shapes, a compass and map, and more.
  • The ABC and music buttons light up the multi-color lantern and play educational songs, sounds, and ditties.
  • Encourages child to walk and learn to pull to stand.


  • There is no adjustable speed control on the wheels. It may be difficult to fix if your baby wants to use this walker with a kitchen on it without moving.
  • The stickers on the walker may deteriorate and swell when exposed to water.

How do you entertain a crawling baby?

  • Sensory play: Crawling babies love exploring different textures and materials. Set up a sensory play area with water, sand, or rice. You can also provide other textured surfaces for your baby to crawl on, such as a soft rug, bumpy mat, or a smooth floor.
  • Play peek-a-boo: Hide behind furniture or a blanket, then pop out to surprise your baby. This game will encourage your baby to crawl towards you and help develop their sense of object permanence.
  • Follow the leader: Get down on the floor and crawl with your baby. Encourage them to follow you as you crawl around the room.
  • Play with balls: Rolling balls back and forth with your baby is a fun way to encourage them to crawl toward the ball. You can also place the ball just out of reach to encourage them to crawl toward it.
  • Explore outdoors: Take your baby outside to explore nature. Crawling on the grass or feeling different textures, such as sand or rocks, is a great way to stimulate their senses.

What are the best toys to help a baby crawl?

  • Push toys: Push toys encourage crawling as they motivate the baby to move towards them. Push toys like baby walkers, shopping carts, or strollers that can be pushed around are a great choice.
  • Balls: Rolling balls back and forth with your baby is a fun way to encourage them to crawl toward the ball. Soft, lightweight balls that are easy for your baby to grip are a good option.
  • Crawling tunnels: Crawling tunnels or play tents provide a fun environment for babies to crawl through and explore. They encourage crawling and also help with spatial awareness and gross motor skills.
  • Activity centers: Activity centers with features like mirrors, lights, and sounds can encourage babies to crawl toward them to explore and play.
  • Soft blocks and stacking toys: Soft blocks and stacking toys that are easy to grasp and manipulate can also help encourage crawling by giving babies something to move towards and interact with.
  • Playmats: Play mats with interactive features like textures, crinkly sounds, and toys attached are great for encouraging babies to crawl and explore.
  • Ride-on toys: Ride-on toys like small cars or animals can encourage crawling and provide a fun way for babies to explore their surroundings.

What exercises can I do to help my baby crawl?

  • Tummy Time: Allow your baby to spend time on their tummy daily to build strength in their neck and shoulders. This can help them to push up on their arms and move forward eventually.
  • Move and Reach: Encourage your baby to move and reach for toys just out of their reach. This can help to build their strength and coordination.
  • Scooting: Encourage your baby to move around on their bottom, using their legs to push themselves forward. This can help them build strength in their legs and prepare them for crawling.
  • Mirror Play: Place a mirror before your baby and encourage them to reach for their reflection. This can help to stimulate your baby’s interest in moving and reaching.
  • Belly Crawling: Place a soft blanket or rug on the floor and encourage your baby to crawl on their belly. This can help to strengthen their core muscles and improve their coordination.
  • Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course using pillows, cushions, and other safe objects, and encourage your baby to crawl through it. This can help your baby to practice crawling in a fun and challenging environment.
  • Parent-Assisted Crawling: Sit on the floor with your legs outstretched and encourage your baby to crawl between your legs. This can help your baby to build up their strength and coordination with the added support of your legs.
  • Balloon Chase: Blow up a balloon and encourage your baby to crawl after it. This can help stimulate your baby’s interest in moving and reaching while improving their hand-eye coordination.
  • Music and Movement: Play music and encourage your baby to crawl or move in time with the rhythm. This can help to improve your baby’s coordination and provide a fun and engaging way to practice crawling.
  1. Commando or Belly Crawling: In this type of crawling, the baby moves forward on their belly using their arms and legs to propel themselves forward.
  2. Classic or Cross Crawling: In this type of crawling, the baby moves forward on their hands and knees, alternating their left hand with their right knee and their right hand with their left knee.
  3. Bear Crawling: In this type of crawling, the baby moves forward on their hands and feet with their bottom in the air.
  4. Crab Crawling: In this type of crawling, the baby moves sideways with their arms and legs bent and their stomach facing up.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, most babies begin walking sometime between 9 and 15 months of age. However, some babies may start walking as early as 6-7 months, while others may not start walking until after their first birthday.

It’s important to remember that every baby is unique and will develop at their own pace. The development of walking skills depends on muscle strength, coordination, balance, and motivation. These skills can grow at different rates in different babies.

While there is no set age at which a baby should start crawling, most babies begin crawling between 6 and 10 months. However, it’s important to remember that babies develop at their own pace. Some babies may start crawling later than others without any underlying issues.

If a baby has not started crawling by 12 months, discussing this with a pediatrician may be a good idea. While delayed crawling is not always a cause for concern, it may be a sign of developmental delays or issues with muscle strength or coordination that should be evaluated.