harry potter themed baby shower ideas

Enchanting Harry Potter Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrate the impending arrival of your little wizard or witch with a Harry Potter-themed baby shower. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Hogwarts and create a memorable experience for your guests. From whimsical decorations to spellbinding games, this blog post will guide you through planning a truly magical Harry Potter-themed baby shower.

Harry Potter Themed Invitations:

Design them to look like Hogwarts acceptance letters, complete with the Hogwarts crest, and address them to the guests as future Hogwarts students.

  • House colors: Decorate the party space with banners, balloons, and tablecloths in the colors of the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.
  • Floating candles: Hang battery-operated candles from the ceiling using a clear fishing line to create the illusion of floating candles, just like in the Hogwarts Great Hall.
  • Platform 9 ¾ entrance: Create a brick wall backdrop using a printed fabric or paper, and add a “Platform 9 ¾” sign to welcome guests.

Harry Potter Themed Food and Drink Ideas:

  • Butterbeer: Serve a non-alcoholic version of this popular wizarding beverage.
  • Pumpkin pasties: Offer these savory, pumpkin-filled pastries as a delicious snack.
  • Chocolate Frogs: Create or buy chocolate frogs as a treat for guests.
  • Golden Snitch Cake Pops: Decorate cake pops with fondant or paper wings to look like Golden Snitches.
  • Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans: Offer a variety of jelly beans, some with unusual flavors, to mimic the famous wizarding candy.

potter themed newborn shower

Harry Potter Themed Games and Activities:

  • House sorting: As guests arrive, sort them into Hogwarts houses by having them draw a house name from a hat or use a fun online quiz.
  • Diaper messages: Provide diapers and markers for guests to write funny or encouraging messages for the parents-to-be.
  • Baby Mandrake potting: Have guests create their baby Mandrake by decorating small pots and adding a faux plant or a small, painted figurine.
  • Harry Potter trivia: Test your guests’ knowledge of the wizarding world with a fun trivia game.

Harry Potter Party Themed Favors: 

Send your guests home with Harry Potter-themed favors, such as wands, house-colored bookmarks, or personalized Hogwarts Express tickets.

Harry Potter Themed Diaper Cake Ideas:

Create a diaper cake with a Harry Potter theme, incorporating items like plush owls, wizard hats, or a mini broomstick.

What should children wear to a Harry Potter-themed party?

Here are some costume ideas for kids attending a Harry Potter party:

Harry Potter:

The iconic protagonist of the series, Harry Potter, can be easily recognizable with his round glasses, messy black hair, and lightning bolt scar. A basic costume can include a Hogwarts robe, a Gryffindor scarf, and a wand.

a girl wearing harry potter costume

Hermione Granger:

As one of Harry’s closest friends, Hermione Granger is a popular choice for costume inspiration. The costume can feature a Hogwarts robe, a Gryffindor scarf, a wand, and a bushy wig or hairstyle.

a boy wearing Hermione Granger costume for Harry Potter Themed party

Ron Weasley:

Ron Weasley’s costume can include a Hogwarts robe, a Gryffindor scarf, and a wand. Adding some freckles, ginger hair, or a wig can help complete the look.

a girl wearing Ron Weasley costume for Harry Potter Themed party

Luna Lovegood:

Luna Lovegood’s whimsical and unique style makes for a fun costume.

a girl wearing Luna Lovegood costume for Harry Potter Themed party

Draco Malfoy:

Draco Malfoy is a great option for those who prefer a Slytherin-inspired costume. Wear a Hogwarts robe, a Slytherin scarf, and carry a wand to capture his classic look.

a boy wearing Draco Malfoy costume for Harry Potter Themed party

Professor McGonagall:

Kids can dress up as the wise and strict Professor McGonagall by wearing a long black robe, a pointed hat, and a wand. Adding some grey hairspray or a wig can enhance the transformation.

a girl wearing Professor McGonagall costume for Harry Potter Themed party

Quidditch Player:

Dress up as a Quidditch player by wearing a Hogwarts house robe (with the corresponding colors), knee-high socks, and sneakers. You can also add a broomstick as a prop.

a boy wearing Quidditch Player costume for Harry Potter Themed party

Dobby the House Elf:

Create a Dobby costume by wearing a pillowcase with holes for the eyes and a pointed hat. Add mismatched socks and carry a sock as a prop representing Dobby’s freedom.

a girl wearing Dobby the House Elf costume for Harry Potter Themed party

Fantastic Beasts:

Kids can also dress up as characters from the Fantastic Beasts series, such as Newt Scamander, by wearing a brown overcoat, a bowtie and carrying a case filled with magical creatures.

a girl wearing Fantastic Beasts costume for Harry Potter Themed party

Students of Hogwarts:

If your child prefers to create their own Hogwarts student persona, encourage them to mix and match their clothing with house colors, wear a robe, and carry a wand to show their wizarding spirit.

a girl wearing Students of Hogwarts costume for Harry Potter Themed party

You may also be interested:

The Harry Potter series does not have a specific theme color, as the story encompasses many colors and settings. However, certain colors are commonly associated with different elements of the series:

  1. Gryffindor: The house colors of Gryffindor are red and gold. These colors represent courage, bravery, and chivalry.
  2. Slytherin: Slytherin’s house colors are green and silver. These colors symbolize ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness.
  3. Ravenclaw: Ravenclaw is represented by blue and silver. Blue represents wisdom, creativity, and intelligence.
  4. Hufflepuff: Hufflepuff’s colors are yellow and black. These colors are associated with hard work, loyalty, and fairness.

In addition to these house colors, other colors such as black, gold, and silver are often associated with the magical world of Harry Potter.

You can enjoy numerous fun Harry Potter activities, whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the wizarding world. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Trivia Night: Host a trivia night to test your Harry Potter knowledge. Prepare a list of questions from the books, movies, characters, and magical spells. Divide into teams or compete individually to see who knows the most about the series.
  2. DIY Harry Potter Crafts: Engage in various Harry Potter-themed crafts. Create your wands using chopsticks, hot glue, and paint. Make personalized Hogwarts acceptance letters or design your own Marauder’s Map. You can also paint or decorate house-themed mugs, t-shirts, or tote bags.
  3. Wizarding World Scavenger Hunt: Organize a scavenger hunt with Harry Potter clues and riddles around your home or neighborhood. Hide magical items or Horcruxes and provide hints leading participants to the next location. The first one to find all the things wins.
  4. Harry Potter Charades: Act out scenes or characters from Harry Potter using charades. Divide into teams and take turns acting out a specific character, spell, or situation. The team that guesses correctly earns points, and the team with the most points wins.
  5. Potion Making: Create your magical potions using different ingredients. Set up a potion-making station with colorful liquids, herbs, and jars. Encourage experimentation and see what kind of imaginative concoctions you can develop.
  6. Wizard Chess Tournament: If you have a chess set, organize a wizard chess tournament inspired by the famous game from the Harry Potter series. Strategize your moves and battle it out with your opponents on the chessboard.
  7. Harry Potter Book Club: Start a Harry Potter book club with friends or family members. Choose a book from the series to read together and schedule regular meetings to discuss chapters, characters, and plot twists. It’s a great way to delve deeper into the magical world and share your thoughts with fellow fans.
  8. Sorting Hat Quiz: Create your quiz using questions about personality traits, preferences, and values. Assign points to each answer, and at the end, determine which Hogwarts House each person belongs to based on their responses.
  9. Quidditch Pong: Put a magical twist on the classic party game of beer pong by transforming it into Quidditch Pong. Set up cups like Quidditch hoops and use small balls to aim and score points. You can modify the rules and play with non-alcoholic beverages to suit your preferences.
  10. Harry Potter Movie Marathon: Dedicate a day or weekend to watching all the Harry Potter movies back-to-back. Create a cozy viewing area with blankets, pillows, and snacks. Organize a themed movie night with costumes, decorations, and Harry Potter-themed snacks.


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