Creative Posing Tips For Newborn Photography

Creative Posing Tips for Stunning Newborn Photography!

Posing a newborn for a photography session can be daunting, as safety is of utmost importance. However, with the right techniques and precautions, you can achieve stunning and creative poses that showcase the innocence and beauty of a newborn.

This guide will provide some safe and creative posing tips for newborn photography. We’ll cover everything from preparing for the session to the best posing techniques for newborns.

10 Posing ideas for babies

Swaddled Baby:
swaddled newborn

  • Use different colors and textures of blankets or wraps to add variety and depth to your photos.
  • For added interest, use a patterned backdrop or faux fur rug.

Sleeping Baby:

sleeping baby photo props

  • Capture various angles, such as overhead, profile, and close-ups of the baby’s face.
  • Position the baby’s hands gently under their cheek or across their chest.

Baby in Parents’ Hands:
Baby in Parents Hands

  • Get close-ups of the baby’s face surrounded by their parents‘ hands.
  • Try this pose with the baby’s eyes open and closed.

Baby on Shoulder:
baby on shoulder

  • Have the parent look down at the baby, gently kissing their forehead or softly touching their cheek.
  • Use natural light to create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Baby in a Basket:
newborn in a basket

  • Decorate the basket with coordinating fabrics, faux flowers, or a small sign with the baby’s name.
  • Ensure the basket’s handles and edges are smooth and free of any potential hazards.

Baby with Siblings:
baby with siblings

  • Encourage natural, candid moments by having the siblings talk to, kiss, or gently touch the baby.
  • Consider matching or coordinating siblings’ outfits to create a cohesive look.

Baby in a Cocoon:
newborn in a Cocoon

  • Experiment with various cocoon colors and textures.
  • If the baby is asleep, try capturing their sweet expressions and details, such as their tiny fingers peeking out from the cocoon.

Baby with Props:

baby with a lot of props

  • Choose props that have personal meaning or represent the baby’s nursery theme.
  • Use shallow depth of field to focus on the baby while slightly blurring the props, adding depth to the images.

Baby on Tummy:

newborn on tummy

  • Place a small, rolled towel or blanket under the baby’s chest for support and comfort.
  • Capture the baby’s facial expressions as they lift and turn their head.

Baby’s Details:

baby's face details

  • Use a macro or lens with a close focusing distance to capture intricate details.
  • Focus on the baby’s unique features, such as birthmarks or dimples.

How should I pose for a newborn photo?

  • Swaddled or wrapped poses: Many photographers prefer to wrap newborns in a soft, stretchy blanket or fabric to help them feel secure and comfortable. Swaddled poses can be done with the baby lying on their back or side or even in a basket or prop.
  • Tummy time poses: Some photographers like to capture the baby on their tummy, which can help show off their little features and create a more intimate, natural look. This can be done with the baby lying on a soft surface or even in the arms of a parent or sibling.
  • Curled-up poses: Many newborns naturally curl up into a little ball, and these poses can be incredibly sweet and endearing. These poses can be done with the baby lying on their back or side or even in a prop like a basket or a bucket.
  • Parent and sibling pose: Including parents or siblings in newborn photos can be a great way to create a sense of connection and love. Consider poses like holding the baby in your arms, kissing the baby’s forehead, or snuggling together.

What color should I wear for newborn photos?

  1. Neutrals: Neutral colors like beige, cream, gray, or white are a popular choice for newborn photos, as they help create a timeless and classic look. These colors are versatile and can be paired with various props and backgrounds.
  2. Soft colors: Soft, pastel colors like pink, blue, or lavender can be a great choice for newborn photos, as they are gentle and calming. These colors work well for a more traditional, feminine, or masculine look.
  3. Patterns: While solid colors are generally the safest choice for newborn photos, small, subtle patterns like polka dots, stripes, or plaids can add visual interest and texture to your photos. Just be careful not to choose anything too busy or distracting.
  4. Avoid bright colors: Bright, bold colors can be too overpowering for newborn photos and take the attention away from the baby. It’s best to stick with softer, muted colors.
  5. Match the baby: If you plan on taking family photos with the baby, you may want to consider coordinating your outfits to complement the baby’s outfit or the overall color scheme of the photoshoot.

Newborns cannot intentionally smile, so photographers typically use a few tricks to capture a smiling moment. Here are a few ways photographers may attempt to get a newborn to smile during a photo shoot:

  1. Wait for a natural smile: Sometimes, newborns will smile naturally during a photo shoot, usually when they are in a comfortable position or being soothed by a parent or photographer. In these cases, the photographer will be ready to capture the moment quickly.
  2. Use a prop or toy: Some photographers may use a prop or toy to help elicit a smile from the baby. This could be a stuffed animal, rattle, or other item that catches the baby’s attention and makes them happy.
  3. Play music or make noises: Newborns may respond to music or other sounds, so a photographer may play soft music or make gentle noises to make the baby smile.
  4. Use a parent or sibling: Having a parent or sibling nearby can help the baby feel more comfortable and happy. The photographer may ask the parent or sibling to make silly faces or tickle the baby to get a smile.


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