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Props for In-home Newborn Photography: Choosing & Usage

Using props is a great way to add a personal touch to your newborn photoshoot and create unique and beautiful images. When choosing props for in-home newborn photography, it’s important to consider the safety and comfort of the baby, as well as the overall aesthetic of the photos.

This guide will provide tips for choosing and using props for in-home newborn photography. We’ll cover everything from selecting appropriate props to incorporating them into your photoshoot, and some do’s and don’ts to remember.

How to choose and use props for in-home newborn photography?

In-home newborn photography is a growing trend that allows parents to capture the precious moments of their little one’s life in a comfortable and intimate setting. One crucial aspect of newborn photography is props, which can greatly enhance the photos’ visual appeal and emotional impact. Here’s a detailed guide on choosing and using props for in-home newborn photography.

Consider the theme and style of the photoshoot:

Before selecting props, determine the overall theme and style you want to achieve for the photo shoot. This could be simple, natural, whimsical, creative, or even a specific color scheme. Keep in mind the parents’ preferences and home decor, as the photographs will likely be displayed in their living space.

Choose age-appropriate and safe props:

Safety should be the top priority when selecting props for newborn photography. Ensure all props are age-appropriate, non-toxic, and free from sharp edges or small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Additionally, consider using props made of soft, hypoallergenic materials to minimize the risk of allergies or irritation.

Invest in versatile and timeless props:

When starting your prop collection, focus on versatile and timeless items that can be used in various photo shoots. Some examples include:

  • Blankets and wraps: Soft, textured blankets and wraps can be used to swaddle the baby or as a backdrop. Choose a variety of colors and textures to add visual interest.

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  • Baskets and bowls: These can be used to pose the baby in different positions, and you can easily change their appearance by adding blankets or faux fur inside.

newborn in basket

  • Wooden or fabric backdrops: A neutral or textured backdrop adds depth to your images and can be used for multiple sessions.

baby with wooden toys

  • Small accessories: Incorporate items like headbands, hats, or tiny stuffed animals to add a personal touch to the photos.

newborn with small accessories

Ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness:

Always clean and sanitize props before and after each use, particularly those in direct contact with the baby’s skin. Washing fabrics and wiping down hard surfaces with a mild disinfectant will help prevent the spread of germs and maintain a safe environment.

  • Practice proper posing techniques and prop support:

Ensure that the baby is always comfortable and supported during the photoshoot. Use posing aids such as rolled-up towels, small pillows, or bean bags to provide support and stability. Always have a spotter (usually one of the parents) nearby to monitor the baby and ensure their safety.

  • Be mindful of lighting and composition:

When using props, ensure they don’t overshadow the main subject – the newborn. Choose props that complement the baby’s features and the overall aesthetic of the image. Also, ensure the lighting enhances the props and creates a balanced composition.

  • Customize props for a personal touch:

Incorporate meaningful items like family heirlooms, baby blankets, or favorite toys to make the photoshoot unique and sentimental for the parents. However, ensure these items are safe and clean before introducing them to the baby.

What do you need for an at-home newborn photography shoot?

To prepare for an at-home newborn photography shoot, you’ll need the following:

  1. Camera: A digital camera with a good lens allows you to capture sharp, high-quality images.
  2. Natural Light: Natural light is ideal for newborn photography as it is soft and flattering. Find a spot in your home with good natural light, such as near a large window or a sliding glass door.
  3. Props: Props can add a personal touch to your newborn photos. Think about using blankets, baskets, hats, headbands, or any other cute accessories that will help to make your photographs more interesting and unique.
  4. Backdrop: A backdrop can help to create a professional-looking background for your photos. You can purchase a backdrop online or create your own with a white sheet or fabric.
  5. Assistant: It can be challenging to photograph a newborn on your own, so it’s a good idea to have an extra set of hands to help you. Ask a family member or friend to assist you during the shoot.
  6. Patience: Newborns can be fussy and unpredictable, so be prepared to spend some time soothing them and waiting for the perfect moment to capture your shots. Don’t rush the process, and be patient.

What are the best props for baby photography?

Here are some popular and versatile props you may want to consider:

  1. Blankets: Soft, cozy blankets can be used to wrap the baby or as a photo backdrop.newborn with cotton blanket
  2. Baskets or crates: These props can create a rustic or vintage look and provide a safe and secure place to place the baby.newborn with wooden background
  3. Hats and headbands: These accessories can add a cute and personalized touch to your photos. They can be purchased or made by hand.newborn with headband
  4. Stuffed animals: A cuddly stuffed animal can be used as a prop or a companion for the baby.newborn with stuffed animals
  5. Swaddles: Swaddling is a great way to keep the baby calm and comfortable during the shoot, and many different swaddling blankets are available in different colors and patterns.newborn with swaddless
  6. Tutus and bows: These are great props for baby girls and can add a touch of glamour and elegance to your photos.newborn with tutus and bows
  7. Wooden blocks or letters: These props can spell the baby’s name or create personalized messages in your photos.

newborn with wooden background

  1. Blankets: A soft, cozy blanket can make a simple and beautiful backdrop for your photos. Look for blankets in neutral colors like white, cream, gray, or beige.
  2. Fabric: A piece of fabric can be used as a backdrop for your photos. Look for fabrics in solid colors or subtle patterns. Muslin or cheesecloth can also create a beautiful ethereal look.
  3. Wallpaper: A patterned wallpaper can be used as a backdrop for a more stylized look.
  4. Wrapping paper: If you want a fun and colorful backdrop, wrapping paper can be a great option. Look for paper in bright colors or playful patterns.
  5. Wood or textured surfaces: Using wooden boards or textured surfaces as a backdrop, you can create a rustic or vintage look.
  6. Faux fur: A faux fur blanket can add a cozy and luxurious texture to your photos.
  7. Seamless paper: If you want a professional-looking backdrop, you can purchase a roll of seamless paper in various colors and use it as a backdrop.
  • Online retailers: Many retailers, such as Etsy, Amazon, and B&H Photo, specialize in photography props. These retailers offer various props, from blankets and hats to backdrops and posing pillows.
  • Local stores: Check out your local craft stores, fabric stores, and thrift shops for unique props. Look for items like baskets, wooden crates, and artificial flowers for photo props.
  • DIY: If you’re on a budget, you can create your props. For example, you can make a posing pillow by stuffing a pillowcase with batting or using a scarf or blanket as a backdrop.
  • Social media: Follow other photographers on social media to get inspiration for new props and creative ways to use them. You can also join photography groups on Facebook or Instagram, where photographers share their work and discuss tips and tricks.


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